When to use Preserva Wood® Architect Series

We can help you understand the difference between Preserva Wood and Architect Series.
On the opacity scale, zero is clear and 100 is solid. The lower the number is on the scale, the more natural the appearance while the higher the number is on the scale, the less natural in appearance but longer between maintenance coats.
Stain Transparency Scale

Architect Series (a semi-transparent) is about 50 in opacity and Preserva Wood (a transparent or toner) is about 25 on this scale.

In order to decide between the two you should ask yourself…. What type of results do I want? Do I want rich or natural look? How often would I like to apply maintenance coats?
Preserva Products Architect Series is a Semi-Transparent Wood Stain, developed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to provide superior performance in an extreme environment. This high-end semi-transparent penetrating oil stain utilizes the best long oil alkyd resins and reflective pigments, so you get the best technology available for wood protection. Offers better hide than transparent stains, giving you a more uniform look while still highlighting the natural grain and overall beauty of your wood sided home, fence or deck. This true-oil, penetrating stain and sealer is recommended by architects and contractors for extreme protection.
Architect Series: Semi-Transparent features and benefits:
  • More Pigment than Preserva Wood
  • Enhanced UV package
  • Superior hide
  • More uniform appearance
  • Penetrating technology
  • Longer lasting
  • Extreme Wood Protection
  • True Oil Technology
  • Rich Deeper Tones
  • UV Protection
  • 1 – Coat Stain
  • Longer Lasting
  • Easy to Apply
  • No stripping to re-treat
  • Moisture Protection
Designed for extreme wood protection and long lasting beauty.

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