When to Use Preserva Wood®

Which Preserva Product stain is right for your project, Preserva Wood or Architect Series?
 stain opacity scale
Preserva Wood (a transparent or toner) is about 25 and the Architect Series (a semi-transparent) is about 50 on this scale.
On the opacity scale, zero is clear and 100 is solid. The lower the number is on the scale, the more natural the appearance while the higher the number is on the scale, the less natural in appearance but longer between maintenance coats.
To decide between the two you should determine…. What type of results do I want? Do I want a rich or natural look. How often would I like to reapply the stain?
Preserva Wood is a Transparent Toner Wood Stain developed in the Sierra Nevada Mountains to highlight the natural beauty of wood. This unique formula uses organic oils and resins combined with ultra-fine reflective pigments to give you the best protection possible. Whether it’s the summer sun’s UV rays, or the winter’s rain and snow, Preserva Wood will protect your fence, deck, or siding for years to come. Offers serious protection from the sun and rain while being simple to apply and maintain. This true-oil,penetrating satin and sealer is preferred by homeowners and contractors because it is easy to apply and simply lasts longer than other wood stains.
Preserva Wood: Transparent Features & Benefits…
  • Natural looking protection
  • Natural Wood Tones
  • Trans-oxide pigments
  • True Oil Based Wood Stain – Deeper penetration into wood
  • Easy to Apply – One Coat Application Only!
  • Penetrating technology
  • UV inhibitors
  • Long Lasting Protection – Easy to re-treat without stripping!
  • Organic Oils, Resins & Reflective Pigments – Protects your wood from sun and water damage
  • High Solids Formula – More value for your dollar