Color your Concrete with Colour Crete

Add some ‘Colour to your ‘Crete! Stain it yourself with Preserva Products Colour Crete™!

Updating your concrete with our easy to apply products has never been simpler. Clean up and give greater appeal to your concrete and masonry (old or new) with Preserva Products Colour Crete™ and Preserva Crete™ product lines.  Colour Crete™ gives your concrete and masonry surfaces a whole new look, that’s easy to apply and hard to beat.

What’s our secret? Unlike other products that only coat the surface, Colour Crete™ uses a special formula that penetrates beneath the surface and develops a deeply anchored bond with concrete and other masonry surfaces. This deeply anchored bond results in longer lasting, beautiful penetrating color in the concrete.

Select your color carefully and follow the application instructions on container. Do it yourself and achieve long-lasting professional results fast. From patios, porches, driveways, and walkways, to elaborate outdoor kitchens, poolside environments, terraced areas, stepping stones, cultured stones and even interior concrete & masonry, do-it-yourselfers in growing numbers have been inspired to create richer, more colorful-looking surfaces.  Environmentally safe, you can use Colour Crete™ stain on any porous masonry surface.

Looking for the acid stain look but not wanting to work with corrosive acid… Colour Crete™ is a perfect alternative!  Professional Looks, without the Professional.  Have concrete tiles around your pool?  Give those tiles a splash of color with Colour Crete™, instantly updating the look of your pool area.

What you’ll need to get started: Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher, Colour Crete™ Concrete Stain, Colour Crete™ Satin Finish or Preserva Crete™ (optional), broom, hose with pressure nozzle, paintbrushes, rollers, or pump sprayer, paint can, drop cloth and masking tape.

Colour Crete™ Instructions:

  • Preparation- Before applying Colour Crete™, sweep or brush surface to remove debris. Surface should be clean and free of grease/oil. If water applied to the surface soaks in easily, then it’s ready to stain. If efflorescence (salt stain) is present, remove with a quality environmentally safe product such as Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher. Rinse surface to be treated thoroughly with water (until water runs clear) and allow it to dry fully before applying stain.
  • Concrete Curing- Concrete can cure for up to six months after the initial pour, releasing moisture as it densifies. Allow at least 30 days from initial pour for moisture to evolve and surface to appear uniform. Excess moisture at the time of application will effect penetration of the stain as well as the consistency of the final effect.
  • Test- Prior to application, Colour Crete™ should be tested to determine your satisfaction with the final appearance. Test on a small, inconspicuous area and allow to dry fully before evaluating final appearance and color satisfaction (wet surfaces appear darker).
  • Application- Colour Crete™ should be applied liberally using a brush, roller, or pump sprayer. Do not allow stain to pool on the surface! Brush excess material into more porous areas until the stain has fully penetrated the treated surface. To create a darker tone, allow 30 minutes of dry time between first and second coat. A second coat of Colour Crete™ should only be applied if it is able to penetrate. One coat only on smooth surfaces. Coverage will vary between 60 & 200 square feet per gallon depending on porosity and surface condition (rough surfaces will use more stain). Apply above 50*F and below 90*F.
  • Special Effects- You can achieve special effects by blending tints of Colour Crete™, wet on wet, for desired results. Allow previous coat to begin curing (15-20 min). Colors will not blend if previous coat is fully cured. Test first to be sure to achieve desired results.
  • Use product as supplied, no thinning necessary. Visit our web site at for application methods, faux techniques, and additional information and ideas.
  • Water Clean-Up & Storage- Colour Crete™ is user-friendly and environmentally safe, meeting all US and Canadian air quality regulations, while offering ease of clean up with soap and warm water (clean applicators before product dries). Colour Crete™ does not contain hazardous raw materials and is considered to be a “low voc” concrete stain. Please use as directed DO NOT FREEZE. If freezing occurs, dispose of remaining stain in accordance with local regulations and DO NOT USE!

While Preserva Products Colour Crete™ gives vibrancy to your concrete; it doesn’t make the concrete water resistant. If water resistance is desired, finish by applying Colour Crete™ Satin Finish or Preserva Crete on top of your Colour Crete™ application. If desired result is a soft sheen look, apply Colour Crete™ Satin Finish.  Colour Crete™ Satin Finish is a silicon based product that creates a water beading protective seal.  When applied over the Colour Crete™ the existing color becomes darker.  Apply Preserva Crete™ over your Colour Crete™ if you prefer to keep the color as is.  Preserva Crete™ is undetectable by the eye.  Application of Preserva Crete™ is especially popular where winter brings freezing temperatures with snow that freezes and thaws.

Treat yourself and your concrete to a little color this year with Colour Crete™. Neighbors will be envious of your beautifully updated concrete and your concrete will thank you.


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  1. James McKenna

    How many colors does this come in?

  2. We apologize for the late reply on this.

    Colour Crete is avaiable in 5 colors: Gray, Terra Cotta, Sandstone, Sage & Adobe.

    Please email for samples.

    Thank you,

    Customer Service

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