Concrete 101 – Etch, Stain, Maintain

Concrete’s popularity is on the rise. Long used as an exterior surface material, concrete is considered one of the longest-lasting construction materials due to its durability & sustainability. What makes concrete so durable and sustainable?  Concrete gains its strengths from its contents, a mixture of Portland cement, aggregate (rocks and sand) and water, mixed together to create a durable, long lasting product.  The use of concrete and masonry in many outdoor home-improvement projects has increased dramatically as homeowners are seeking out stronger, all-weather, and environmentally-responsible surfaces.

Coloring concrete and other masonry surfaces has become a popular way to increase the value of your home and the appeal of your concrete. In order to color your concrete with Preserva Products Colour Crete™ the concrete has to be porous and rough.  If your concrete is finished or polished you can return it to a porous surface by applying a product such as Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher.  Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher is a salt based product, since like dissolves like, it’s able to breakdown the calcium impurities in the concrete, resulting in an etched surface.  Etching the concrete allows stain to penetrate.

Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher is an environmentally responsible product that is used to thoroughly clean concrete driveways, sidewalks, walkways, patios, porches, garage floors, pavers, bricks, stone, and just about any textured concrete or masonry surface. Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher will remove dirt, grease, soil, efflorescence (salt stains) and other impurities in rough and smooth concrete surfaces that become slippery when wet.

Follow these simple instructions for Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher:

  • Cure concrete at least 30 days from initial pour before using Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher. Stains will not penetrate and paints will not bond if there’s excess moisture during application.
  • One gallon cleans 100-200 square feet depending on surface texture and needed cleaning.
  • Only apply at temperatures above 50*F and below 90*F
  • Sweep dirt/debris away with stiff bristle broom; do not use water.
  • Tools needed: stiff bristle brush or synthetic broom, garden hose with pressure nozzle, pump sprayer (optional), gloves, goggles, boots and 120-grit sandpaper to test against final etched texture (optional).
  • Apply Preserva Crete™ Cleaner & Etcher to dry concrete and allow penetration for at least 20 minutes – do not allow it to dry on surface. CAUTION: surface may be slippery when wet; walk with care.
  • Apply additional solution to areas that soak in faster or dry faster.
  • Scrub surface with stiff bristle brush or broom.
  • Product will foam as it dissolves impurities.
  • Once clean, RINSE THOROUGHLY with fresh water using a hose with pressure nozzle, ensuring that all solution and residue have been rinsed away.
  • Clean and rinse all tools/equipment thoroughly with cold water before they dry.
  • Once concrete is dry, make sure all efflorescence, oil, and other contaminants have been removed. Concrete’s texture should at least be as rough as 120-grit sandpaper. Repeat application process until desired results are achieved over entire surface.

Once the task of cleaning and etching is complete, the concrete is ready and able to absorb and bond with a coat of Colour Crete™. It’s now time to stain with your favorite shade of Preserva Products Colour Crete™ which is available in Gray, Terra Cotta, Sandstone, Sage and Adobe.

To maintain and care for your concrete, clean with a detergent based cleaner and garden hose annually. Touch up with Preserva Products Colour Crete™ every 3 to 5 years.

Sit back & enjoy the color.







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