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We offer high quality true oil wood stains, concrete stains, and wood cleaning products. From beginning to end, our products help with DIY projects to commercial wood care for decks, fences, patios, pools, docks, outdoor furniture and all other exterior wood. You can preserve the natural beauty and add value to your home with Preserva Products™. Both long lasting and environmentally sound, you’ll love the results. With mild maintenance, year after year, Preserva Products™ will satisfy your wood and concrete needs.


Preserva Wood® Transparent is a unique blend of long-lasting ingredients that protect and condition wood, new and old.

Transparent Wood Stain


Preserva Wood® Semi-Transparent is a combination of natural organic oils, resins, and high quality protective ingredients.

Preserva Semi-Transparent Stain

Tint Bases

Preserva Wood® Tint Bases are “True Oil-Based” stains. Solid and semi-solid stains that simply last longer than other products.

Preserva Tint Base Stains

Environmentally Conscious

To Preserve and Protect

Environmentally Conscious
Over 70% of Preserva Wood® is made with renewable resources like organic oils and resins. Our new eco-friendly logo also shows that we are low on emissions and high on solids offering you more value for your investment.

Technical & Safety Data Sheets

Preserva Timber Oil

Premium Timber Oil

Preserva Wood® Premium Timber Oil is a Craftsman Quality Architectural Wood Stain formulated with a blend of the finest seed oils available.

With transparent iron oxide pigments for added beauty and UV protection.

Product Details and Colors

Colour Crete™ Satin Finish & Cleaner-Etcher

If you’re looking to put some life back into your concrete, you’ll want to use Colour Crete™, the beautiful way to stain your concrete.

Colour Crete™ gives your concrete and masonry surfaces a whole new look that’s easy to apply and hard to beat. Do it yourself and achieve long-lasting, professional results right at home.

Product Details and Colors

Color Crete

Wood Renewer & Cleaner

Preserva Wood Renewer & Cleaner is an all-organic product that is specially formulated to clean and restore weathered, dirty wood.

Preserva Wood Renewer & Cleaner

Preserva Crete™

A specially formulated product that creates an invisible barrier to water and moisture on concrete, cinder block, brick, or any porous masonry surface.

Preserva Crete